Buffalo Wild Wings on Keto

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At one point I worked near a Buffalo Wild Wings and was not on the keto diet. I was never into Buffalo Wild Wings or B-Dubs as my friends and I call it. Basically, someone goes to Buffalo Wild Wings for the atmosphere and overpays for food. You’re paying for the atmosphere when you pay $11 for 10 wings. Their wings are good, but not worth the extraordinary price. Well once I found the value of Buffalo Wild Wings on keto, my opinion did a 180 on how I feel about B-Dubs.

Buffalo Wild Wings on Keto

You can eat anywhere from 5 to 30 wings and have a very reasonable amount of carbs for your meal. Of course I am referring to traditional wings with the bone in. You will never, ever eat “boneless wings” while on keto. And let’s be honest, “boneless wings” is one of the biggest scams going. There is no such thing as a boneless wing. These are chicken tenders or chicken nuggets dipped in buffalo sauce. Also, be careful with bleu cheese and ranch. If you are a crazy dipper it can tack on some carbs. If you use one serving cup you are looking at 2-3 g of carbs.

Let’s look at the carbs in some of the various flavors in 15¬†traditional wings. Buffalo Wild Wings is sneaky, so they call an order of 15¬†wings a “medium” order of wings.

Asian Zing – 35 g

Blazin’ With Ghost – 8 g

Bourbon Honey Mustard – 35 g

Buffalo (Dry Rub) – 1 g

Caribbean Jerk – 27 g

Chipotle BBQ (Dry Rub) – 2 g

Desert Heat (Dry Rub) – 2 g

Honey BBQ – 36 g

Hot – 6 g

Hot BBQ – 10 g

Lemon Pepper (Dry Rub) – 2 g

Mango Habanero – 32 g

Medium – 5 g

Mild – 4 g

Parmesan Garlic – 6 g

Salt and Vinegar – 1 g

Spicy Garlic – 7 g

Sweet BBQ – 23 g

Teriyaki – 29 g

Thai Curry – 8 g

Wild – 6 g

So would you look at that? Look at all of those options. The majority of these are great options. Any thing at 8 or below is a very viable option for a meal. And best of all, this is 15 wings. Many people are full after eating 6 or 7 wings. I work 12 hour shifts and get 20 and eat on them all day. That’s all I eat. If I get a dry rub I’m taking 2-3 g of carbs for the entire day. It’s incredible.

Even better Tuesdays at Buffalo Wild Wings is half off wings. Even carry-out orders! How amazing is that!? You can get 20 wings, eat your face off all day for $11 or so.

You will be hard pressed to find a better keto carry out option than Tuesdays at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings on Keto

You can even order online! Buffalo Wild Wings on keto is AWESOME.

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