Day 1 – Get Right For Christmas Keto Challenge

I will weigh in each day. Even though I mentioned my weight in the opening Christmas Keto Challenge article, here it is again for the sake of record keeping.

Day 1 Weigh-In: 203.8 pounds

Alright, here we go. I am going to be eating a meal or two a day so don’t get too caught up in what I call the meals. I’m going with lunch and dinner. Some days I may just have a massive lunch. Some days just a massive dinner. Let’s get day 1 rolling.

Here we go:

Day 1

Lunch – Meal #1

Time: 1:30 p.m.

3 large Hillsdale eggs

3 strips of Great Value thick cut hickory smoked bacon (HIGHLY recommended. 0 carbs and VERY filling)

1 Haas avocado

1 Cup of coffee w/ a tablespoon of Great Value heavy whipping cream

1 tablespoon of Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Here is a screenshot of the MyFitnessPal app, which you just scan the barcodes and it totals up your nutritional information. Highly recommended!

Day 1 - Get Right For Christmas Keto Challenge

Some things to note. I was able to get bacon and heavy whipping cream with zero carbs. That is vital. If you can save carbs here and there it pays off big when you are totaling up your day. These are high fat items that will fill you up. Perfect way to start the day when you are ketoing. I did not opt for bulletproof coffee, but that could change on other days. Instead I had a cup of coffee with a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream. I drank that shortly after waking but just included it with the meal to simplify things.

And for you visual learners:

Day 1 - Get Right For Christmas Keto Challenge

Net carbs: 5

So there you go. There is a keto meal. Very filling. Only five freaking net carbs! If this is a meal you enjoy, then this is something you can eat regularly. With a similar dinner that would put me at 10 on the day and the pounds will melt off starting in a couple days.

Will eat again at about 5 p.m. Have some chicken and ground beef thawing. Stay tuned to see what is for dinner!

Dinner – Meal #2

Time: 5:45

Beef Burritos!

4 oz. ground beef chuck

1 tsp Great Value ground cumin

tspoon salt

tspoon cayenne pepper

Mission Carb Balance soft taco shells (2)

Great Value shredded colby jack cheese – 1/4 cup

Taco Bell Fire Sauce – 1 tspoon

Roasted almonds w/ sea salt (14 almonds)

Low carb burritos

45 carbs is a little high, but 29 grams of fiber, making it 16 net carbs. For two burritos? I’ll take it. Good, but not great. Luckily we only had 5 net carbs for lunch, so this works. If you want to bookmark the recipe, here it is.

These burritos are super easy to make. Some might call them soft tacos. Keep in mind, this is nowhere near authentic Mexican food. It may offend some if you call it that, so I will not.

14 almonds are a great way to make a meal more filling. I actually ate those while I was cooking the ground beef. Best of all, I will have 3/4 pound of ground beef taco meat, so stay tuned how that is used.

And a photo of the burritos:

16 net carbs for two burritos

Meal #2 carbs: 16

Day #1 total carbs: 21

We did it! One day in the books. We are well on our way to dominance.

As far as working out, tonight it will be “Energy 2.0” on DDP Yoga. Will report the Fitbit daily report after that finishes up later this evening. Stay tuned!

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