Day 2 – Get Right For Christmas Keto Challenge

Day 9 - Get Right For Christmas Keto Challenge, buffalo wild wings keto

First off I am going to weigh in every day. This scares some people, but it’s what I do. I am even keel and used to it, so it has no psychological impact on me.

Day 2 Weigh-In: 203.2 pounds (Down 0.6 pounds)

Here we go, moving on to day 2. I noticed yesterday featured no vegetables. No big deal. That’s the beauty of keto. Today we’ll try to change that.

After eating the last meal at 5:30 last night, I did not eat today until 3 p.m. That means I did a 21 and 1/2 hour fast heading into today’s first meal. Incredible stuff!

Alright, let’s get right to it.

Day 2

Lunch – Meal #1

Time: 3:00 p.m.

13 traditional buffalo wings from Buffalo Wild Wings

2 oz. bleu cheese

6 pieces of celery

Boom. As simple as that. I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for the 1/2 off wings Tuesdays. This special is for dine-in ad well as carry out. An awesome option on Tuesday if you live or work anywhere near one.

Here is the nutrition for this meal. I added in today’s coffee and heavy whipping cream to breakfast. Check out the screenshot.

Day 2 - Get Right For Christmas Keto Challenge

Here is a photo of my wings before I destroyed them. Well, almost destroyed on them. More in a minute.

Day 2 - Get Right For Christmas Keto Challenge, Buffalo wild wings 1/2 off tuesdays

Net carbs: 8

Alright, I got 18 wings and only ate 13 of them. Very disheartening I was unable to finish. It’s not something that usually happens. On most days I am able to take this down and make it my only meal of the day. We’ll see what happens. I may eat the rest of these wings here in an hour or so and finish off my dat around 11 net carbs or so, which is outstanding. I’ll keep you updated. There will also be a workout report this evening.

Important note. When you order at Buffalo Wild Wings, make sure you get traditional wings. Boneless wings are a sham and loaded with carbs. Also, pay close attention to the sauce you get as some are loaded with sugar. Click here to check out their nutritional information.

Dinner – Meal #2

Time: 6:00

Nice and simple here. Finished off the wings, add my other order of celery and bleu cheese.

5 buffalo wings from Buffalo Wild Wings (3 hot bbq, 2 desert heat)

2 oz. bleu cheese

6 pieces of celery

Dinner - Meal #2

No photo necessary as this is the exact same thing I ate earlier.

Net carbs: 6

Total net carbs: 14

Earlier my heavy whipping cream was listed as two carbs. For some reason I did not count that. In the end, it worked out because after looking at the label there are actually no carbs in the heavy whipping cream.

About to do my DDP Yoga workout and report back with results and then day #2 is in the books!

DDP Yoga Stand Up 2.0 is in the books. I figured out the issue with my Fitbit and seemed to get a more accurate reading. Here is the statistics:

Another great day. See you tomorrow morning for my weigh in and then in the afternoon with my first meal posting. Should start to feel that keto buzz tomorrow.

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