Day 8 – Get Right For Christmas Keto Challenge

Day 8 - Get Right For Christmas Keto Challenge

Lost a little more weight. Still grinding. Going to try some different things to jumpstart the weight loss. Day 8, let’s rock and roll!

Day #8 Weigh-In: 199.4

So I am up to 4.4 pounds down after a week. Today I am going to drink a bulletproof coffee or two, then one meal this afternoon/evening. It’s going to be eggs, bacon, sausage and avocado. Very, very low carb. Want to be deep into ketosis. Also going to discuss some different things.

First off, I have Coffee Booster and some heavy whipping cream. I am going to be using that instead of the usual grassfed butter and MCT Oil. I’m ordering the MCT Oil today and going to the store so I can have bulletproof coffee in the arsenal. What I’m drinking today is not bulletproof coffee, but I am hoping it gives me similar results.

We’ll call the coffee I had today lunch, since I had it at about 1:30 p.m. Hoping it staves off dinner till late in the evening. Note: don’t put stevia in this concoction. It made it suck. I soldiered through it, but it was not a good addition.

I got a quick workout in early today. Hoping to workout again. Here is the Fitbit report from the quick workout, DDP Yoga – Red Hot Core.

Day 8 keto workout, DDP Yoga fitbit report

Day #8

Meal #1 – Lunch

Meal time: 1:00 p.m.

8 oz. coffee w/ Coffee Booster and heavy whipping cream

Day 8 - Get Right For Christmas Keto Challenge

Lunch net carbs: 3

So we are at 3 net carbs on the day to go along with 17 grams of fat. That should keep me full for a few hours.

Here is a shot of the Coffee Booster and you can click the image to get it on Amazon.

Coffee booster

For dinner I am looking at a mega breakfast type deal. Lots of bacon, lots of eggs, lots of sausage, a whole avocado, the works! Trying to think of a different way to make my eggs today as I am kind of burned out on eggs.

We are going to KILL IT for day 8. Stay tuned!

Alright, a little late updating this.

Meal #2 – Dinner

Meal time: 5:30 p.m.

2 Burger King double cheeseburgers no ketchup

3 sausage patties – Jamestown

4 strips bacon S Bar

1 Haas avocado

4 large eggs w/ shredded cheddar and Texas Pete

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 tablespoons heavy whipping cream

Day 8 - Get Right For Christmas Keto Challenge

Dinner net carbs: 6

Here is a photo of the insane amount of meat I took down.

Day 8 - Get Right For Christmas Keto Challenge

Total net carbs on the day: 9

Locked in today. Should be the day that gets things on track. Tomorrow will probably be Buffalo Wild Wings 1/2 off Tuesday. Keto on!

Intermittent fasting and a very low total of net carbs is the key to success. Need to step the workout back up tomorrow.

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