Fast Food on Keto

Much like every other diet in the world, it is not easy to do well when eating a lot of fast food. Fast food on keto is especially tricky.
Burger and fries. Is that OK while on the ketogenic diet? NO!

Much like every other diet in the world, keto is not easy to do well when eating a lot of fast food. There will be times where you have no other option than fast food. That’s why this guide is especially important to help you make the right choices when you are in this situation.

Fast food on keto is especially tricky. Assume nothing and always check your MyFitnessPal app before ordering to make sure what you are eating is OK to eat.

One thing that is pretty safe to eat at almost all fast food restaurants when on the ketogenic diet is bunless burgers. Watch out for sugary condiments like BBQ sauce and ketchup, but for the most part you should be fine eating burgers without buns. One of my go to orders when I am looking for fast food while obeying the keto diet is 3 McDoubles from McDonalds, just pickles and mustard. Of course I toss the buns. I could ask them to hold the buns, but that always feels a little weird, so I just throw them away myself. To each his own.

Wendy’s has some good salad options to go with the bunless burgers. They also have some salads that are very bad options. As I stated earlier, do your research and make sure you are making the right choice when you order. Be very careful when choosing a dressing as fast food joints love to load their dressings up with sugar.

Taco Bell, good luck on the keto diet there. I’m not sure there’s a single good option on the entire menu. Perhaps they can shovel 1/2 pound of meat into a cardboard box and let you go at it. If you do that make sure you are never more than 10 feet from a restroom for the next 24 hours or so. While there are obviously millions of people out there who are Taco Bell lovers, I am absolutely repulsed by it. It’s basically a grade above dog food.

Burger King has good burgers. Just get a couple double cheeseburgers without the bun and you will be rocking and rolling.

I think you get the point when eating low carb at fast food. Plain burgers and salads. Some places will wrap their burgers in lettuce. If so that’s a wonderful option. I use fast food on keto as an emergency only thing. There will be a time or two where you are desperate. In those times take down some bunless burgers.

Here is an awesome fast food comparison for all of you keto-lovers out there who need more info on this subject at hand.

Are there any low key low carb fast food options out there that you go for? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section.

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