How To Get Into Ketosis Fast! – 3 Day Keto Meal Plan

How To Get Into Ketosis Fast

Everyone wants to know how to get into ketosis fast. We’re here to help. With this 3 day meal plan and intermittent fasting you’ll be in ketosis in no time.

First let’s talk a little bit about keto. If you are unsure what it is, check out this article that explains what keto is. We’re going to be eating low carb, high fat. For these three days it’s going to be super low carb. I’m going to give you an exact blueprint on exactly what you can eat to get into a state of ketosis quicker than you ever have.

If you want to ramp it up even faster then grab some ketone salts. I have used them before, but it didn’t seem to make much difference. Some people swear by them.

So I’m just going to lay out an exact diet that will show you how to get into ketosis super fast. But first, let’s go over a few stipulations that will be implied as you go through your three days.

  1. 1) Drink plenty of water. It’s best if you drink only water. It’s ok to put some lemon in it. Avoid artificial sweeteners, diet soda, soda or any sweetened drink, whether it’s artificially or naturally sweetened. If you are into drinking coffee, that is fine. Just no sweeteners. You can use heavy scream or even bulletproof coffee. More on that later.
  2. We are doing two meals a day and implementing intermittent fasting. This will go further toward turning your body into a fat burning machine. If you are unable to deal with just two meals a day, then you can add in bulletproof coffee as your first meal of the day. Eat your two meals as close together as you can in order to maximize the success of the intermittent fasting. If you even want to just do one meal a day that would be even better. That is what I normally do, but because many people are unable to do this I will be using two meals a day for this model.
  3. Stick to the script. Do not slip in any snacks. No alcoholic beverages or late night snacks. Eat what is exactly in this blueprint. It is plenty of food for a person to make it through the day. If you are unable to do this, it will not work that well.

Alright here we go.

Day 1

Meal #1

4 large eggs

3 strips of bacon

3 Day Keto Meal Plan, Day 1 Meal 1

It’s going to say breakfast for every meal in the graphic. That makes it easier for me. Pay no attention to that. Meal #1 and meal #2 is all you need to worry about. On to the meal…

There is a nice simple start to your day. 400 calorie breakfast that will stick with you. Just 4 carbs. This is the start you need when you are trying to get into ketosis fast.

Meal #2

18 chicken wings – Buffalo Wild Wings – Desert Heat Flavor

Order of celery and bleu cheese – Buffalo Wild Wings

3 Day Keto Meal Plan, Day 1 Meal 2

This is as easy as it gets. 18 wings is a lot of wings. If you are unable to eat 18, that’s totally understandable. You want to eat as many as you can so you stay full as long as possible.

Note how the flavor I used was “Desert Heat.” This is a dry rub that only has 2 g of carbs per 18 wings. It is fine to use a wet sauce, but you need to make sure that it has virtually no carbs. Also, the bleu cheese was done as a favor to you. You can use a small amount of bleu cheese or ranch, but if you take that out you will do even better.

On to day 2…

Day 2

Meal #1

Ham and cheese omelet with 3 eggs, cheddar, ham and heavy whipping cream

3 Day Keto Meal Plan, Day 2 Meal 1

A very simple omelet. 5 net carbs. 450 calories is a good amount for getting your day started and providing plenty of energy to get you to your next meal. The heavy whipping cream is to be whipped in with the eggs. Makes it a little more filling and makes the meal stick with you a little longer.

Meal #2

1/2 of a whole rotisserie chicken

1 cup of green beans with Kerry Gold grass fed butter

3 Day Keto Meal Plan, Day 2 Meal 2

A nice and simple meal. That’s always nice. Go grab a rotisserie chicken from your nearest grocer and a can of green beans. 8 net carbs for the meal and 13 net carbs on the day. We are killing it. Now onto day #3.

Day 3

Meal #1

We’re going to give you options. One option is to use what we used in the first meal of day 1 and day 2. But if you want to try something new and something you will never forget, check this out.

The Ultimate Keto Meal Replacement Shake

1 Whole Avocado (I’ll explain this, give me a minute)

2 Scoops of Garden of Life Meal Replacement – Organic Raw Plant Based Protein Powder – Vanilla

8 to 12 ounces of water/ice

3 Day Keto Meal Plan, Day 3 Meal 1

This is an incredible shake and a great way to start the day. 474 calories and seven net carbs. This shake will get your rocking and rolling.

Meal #2

12 oz. ribeye – 1 tablespoon of Kerry Gold grass fed butter

1 medium stalk of broccoli with 1 tablespoon of Kerry Gold grass fed butter

3 Day Keto Meal Plan, Day 3 Meal 2

This is a classic keto meal. Made sure to not give you chicken three days in a row. You need to make this grass fed butter a staple in your diet. It fills you up and is perfect for the ketogenic diet. 1,005 calories and 3 net carbs and you will be absolutely stuffed.

By now, if you stuck with it, you are in ketosis. Congratulations! How do you feel? Is this a kind of diet you can maintain? If you can pounds will be melting off. As a matter of fact, if you haven’t weighed yourself weight is already melting off. And look how much food you ate. You are not cheating yourself at all.

What do you think about this diet? You are in ketosis and rolling. If this is something you can do on a regular basis then you will never have problems with weight again. Congratulations!

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