Top 5 Health Benefits of Keto

top 5 health benefits of keto

Many people see low-carb diets like keto as unhealthy and risky. The thing is they are flat-out wrong. Let’s look at the health benefits of keto.

1 – It curbs your appetite

Being hungry all of the time is what makes a diet so darn hard. You are miserable and eventually you give in. When you are on keto that is just not the case.

2 – You lose a ton of weight very quickly

Studies have shown that keto is the diet where you lose weight the fastest. Studies have also shown that after 6 months the weight starts to come back. The reason for this is not because keto is a lifestyle, not a diet. If you continue eating how you should the weight will stay off.

3 – A high percentage of the weight loss is from the belly

The fat in different parts of the body is very different. Where the fat is stored depends on how it will affect one’s health. Studies show that a high percentage of the fat lost by low carb diets is in the abdominal cavity. How great is that!?

4 – Keto increases mental clarity

Goodbye brain fog and hello mental clarity. Many people don’t even realize that the fog that is lifted, was even there to begin with. An improvement in mood happens and there is so much energy that you are bouncing off the walls.

5 – Better general health

Studies have shown that ketosis leads to decreased weight, decreased triglyceride levels, improved cholesterol levels and low blood pressure. This is the most important of all of the benefits. The healthier you are, the better you feel.

Keto is Awesome

We could go on and on about the reasons keto is great, but we just stopped at the top 5 health benefits of keto. Basically you get on this diet and you feel better, look better and have improved mental focus. What is not to love about this diet? Go out there and rock it!

Many people think you are unable to add muscle while in ketosis. This isn’t true. None other than Tim Tebow is on keto.

If you want to get even deeper, here is another more comprehensive list of keto benefits.

Dr. Axe does a great job of breaking down all of the great reasons for keto, so this video is definitely worth a look.

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