Keto Rage

Keto Rage

If you haven’t heard of keto rage, let me tell you a little bit about it. A few weeks ago I was going to breakfast with my family at IHOP. For whatever reason, breakfast restaurants really test my willpower. I have a hard time just ordering the omelette. The home fries, biscuits and gravy, etc. really speak to my inner fat kid.

So while I’m riding to IHOP with my family I pull out the trusty My Fitness Pal app and start looking at what low carb options they have. They have none. You’re probably thinks, “I KNOW there is a low carb omelette on there!” Well, there wasn’t. The lowest carb omelette has 13g of carbs. How is that possible? It’s egg, bacon and cheese. That should be like 6 g of carbs at the most.

Keto rage!!!!

Then I found out the information that sent me into keto rage. IHOP puts pancake batter in their freaking omelettes! How crazy is that!? Why in the world would they do that!? There is one freaking keto-friendly item on the entire menu and they add pancake batter to it.

Another example of this is the wings at Pizza Hut. One time I was going to watch WWE at a friend’s house (it’s still real to me, damn it) and we planned on getting wings from Pizza Hut. I figured there would be a few carbs in them, but it was kind of a splurge night and there wouldn’t be THAT many carbs. Boy was I wrong.

Here is the nutritional information for 1 (ONE!) single Pizza Hut Wingstreet traditional wing:

Keto Rage, wingstreet wings, carbs

So there are 5g of carbs per each wing. Considering I housed about 20 of them, I would have been better off eating chili cheese fries! Do they inject 2 ounces of sugar into each wing? How is this even possible? This is a hot wing. I know there is some sweetener in it, but holy crap. KETO RAGE times a thousand! How can they take something as wonderful as a chicken wing and load it up with sugar and carbs? Complete insanity!

It seems these high carb ingredients are all virtually useless. Why does Pizza Hut load their wings with sugar? It is completely unnecessary and they are losing a massive legion of keto-lovers.

What is your best example of keto rage? You know you have felt it before. Let me know on the Facebook page where I posted the article.

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