Ketosis Induction Phase

The Ketosis Induction Phase, steak on keto

Now that you’ve learned what ketosis is, there may be other questions you have. One of them could be what is the ketosis induction phase?┬áThis is where it all starts. It is essential that you know about the ketosis induction phase.

Before one goes into ketosis, the body has a small amount of energy available as glucose in the bloodstream. The way you induce yourself into ketosis is by eating primarily fats and protein. When you do this, your glucose and glycogen are unable to provide energy to the brain because they are not replenished. When this happened ketosis is induced. The fatty acids are turned into ketones. Ketones are bodies of energy that are used by the brain instead of glucose. When you reach this stage your body is burning all of the fat as energy and weight loss is not far away.

How many carbs should one take in during the induction phase? A general rule of thumb is staying under 25 g of net carbs a day. The lower, the better, but you are going to want to always be under 25 g of net carbs a day. One way to go about this would be eating mostly steak. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? That’s really the only requirement is consuming a very low amount of carbohydrates. Make sure you are tracking every single item you eat so you stay under the allowed amount of carbs. Don’t make any assumptions.

The Ketosis Induction Phase, steak on keto

How do you know when you are in ketosis? There are some very prevalent symptoms. Stinky breath and stinky urine are two of the most common symptoms. Other feelings include constipation and lightheadedness. The lightheadedness happens when the blood sugar drops. Sometimes nausea, vomiting or hyperactivity or dehydration can happen when you move into an advanced stage of ketosis. This is often referred to as keto flu.

If you are going to be in ketosis or weeks or months it is important to have a routine check up with a doctor. There are rare instances where keto can cause health problems, but it is very rare.

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