All you need to know about Taco Bell

by Sean
All you need to know about Taco Bell

Taco Bell is the most famous fast food restaurant that offer delicious Mexican dishes. It is a California-based company. Currently, the company has operated in nearly 100 countries and serves approximately 35 million customers each week.

The main type of food offered in these restaurants is prepared in a Mexican style slightly suited to the palates of the American public. Its most famous dishes are tacos and burritos. There are 14 different tacos on the menu, each with its style and hearty. Traditionally, tacos are made of corn leaves, and here in this restaurant, things are not different. Tacos can be ordered in a crispy corn husk or a soft flour tortilla, depending on your choice or the taste of the person you are requesting for.

The other favorite is the burrito. You can choose from sixteen burritos. The only thing common to all these burritos is the fact that they are all wrapped in soft flour tortillas and filled with rice and beans with spices in addition to other stuffing. Each burrito has a variety of meat prepared in a unique way. This is added to the regular filling with vegetables and a sour cream sauce and garnished with cheese. The sour cream sauce is reduced in fat, and the cheese is not excessive. Besides, fresh vegetables make it a healthy and tasty meal.

In addition to burritos, Taco Bell’s menu also offers a variety of unique dishes such as Gorditas and Chalupas. The gorditas are almost similar to tacos, but they are served in a soft and flatbread instead of corn shells. The chalupas are still taco-style dishes, served in chalupa shells instead of corn. You can also choose from a selection of salads served in a crisp tortilla shell. The menu also offers a variety of special fruit drinks.

For people who have opted for the vegetarian route, you can ask for the crunchy mellow potato taco that is full of crunchy bites of potato instead of meat and the other filling is the same. Another specialty taco is the Taco Volcano which is served in a distinctive red corn husk and garnished with a special molten lava sauce. This particular taco is very spicy and should only be tasted by those who have the courage of heart. Taco Bell’s menu also doesn’t leave out the keto diet. Learn more about their keto options by clicking here.

If you are reading the nutritional facts of Taco Bell, since you need to lose weight, you will notice that one serving, such as the beef tacos, contains more than 200 calories, 10 grams of protein and contains more than 620 mg. Sodium. Foods high in sodium are harmful from a healthy living because they increase the risk of high blood pressure. From the point of weight loss, they are harmful because they cause fluid retention.

If you have to eat out, use Taco Bell’s nutrition information as a comparison tool. Do not be fooled by salads; they are even more caloric than other dishes.

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