Are you on Keto? If so, Buffalo Wild Wings is Good For You!

by Sean
Are you on Keto? If so, Buffalo Wild Wings is Good For You!

Buffalo Wild Wing is a leading American fine dining restaurant which has always been sought after by the foodies for its lip-smacking wings. Established in 1982, the restaurant has gradually expanded its operations and introduced the sports bar. Specializing in the sauces, tacos, burger, finger food, sandwiches and Buffalo wings, this restaurant needs no introduction to any foodie.

Serving a variety of scrumptious food, the traditional low carb wings are always on the list of the health freaks. As these wings do not contain any breading, if they are teamed up with the low carb sauces, you will not mind in indulging them frequently.
If you are up with your weight loss goals and want to follow a keto diet but cannot resist your buffalo wings temptations, here is the good news for you. Buffalo Wild Wing is on Keto as well. Yes, you got it right! The restaurant offers a special low carb menu for the ones who are conscious about their calories. If you want to learn more about the keto diet click here.

If you are a burger patty lover, never mind, order a one with a low topping like a delicious combination of lettuce, mustard, onion and bacon to hit maintain your calorie-intake goals. This keto-friendly burger is too hard to resist when teamed up with medium sauce which is neither spicy nor bland.

As each salad includes croutons and garlic toast, you can enjoy this section during the day time to refer your keto calorie count. However, there is always an option to order your favourite salad with low carb dressing and without crouton and garlic toast. This will not only save on your calories but also on your pocket too. Dressings like Buffalo Blue Cheese, Lemon Vinaigrette, Southwestern Ranch or Buffalo Blue Cheese.

It is worth notable that the healthy food options are limited at BW3 and if you are on the strict-keto, it would be great if you have your meals at home before catching up with your friends at this restaurant. So, if you are invited by a friend to enjoy a match, here are the few tips that can help you to keep a count on your calorie intake

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is not allowed on the low-carb diet and it is very important for you to resist alcohol. Replace your beer with a glass of water. If you are not a strict keto, you can try low-carb alcohol on their list.

Go for a burger

Counted as personalized order, burgers are the safest bet when you arrive at the land of chicken and wings. Keep your patty and dressings low carb and you can satiate your cravings by keeping a carb-intake check. If your order salad as a side to replace finger, it will be the best deal

The nutrition guide is there to help. Always refer to the nutrition guide on the Bdubs website before place an order to choose what suits best for your keto diet. An all-beef patty contains 41 calories while a grilled chicken beast serves you 140 calories. So it is important to make the right choices to achieve your weight loss goals.

All you need to make the right choices to satiate your wings cravings while keeping an eye on your carb intake.