Buffalo Wild Wings Rocks

by Sean
Buffalo Wild Wings Rocks

Who doesn’t love the joy of eating a tasty portion of hot, crunchy, wings with delicious sauces? Today we will talk about a famous American restaurant called “Buffalo Wild Wings”. Founded in 1982, their main point is selling different types of meat and sauces.

Though their main services are selling and preparing traditional chicken wings – also knew as New York style wings made with either sauce or dry seasonings, and boneless wings – cooked until they get a golden crisp they also have a more variety of menus available:

Sharables – in this menu you can find mozzarella sticks, nachos, roasted garlic mushrooms, french fries, potato wedges, buffalo chips, and some others.
Mains – here you can find the typical fast-food like burgers, sandwiches, wraps and different types of salads.
Lunch – the menu is quite similar to Mains except that you have a smaller variety to choose.
Kids – A small portion of chicken wings, along with mac & cheese and mini corn dogs are just a few things that are offered in this menu
Sides – Don’t miss the cheddar cheese curds, veggie slaw or side salad when you place your order to them!
Sauces – You can find any type of sauce your mouth is drooling over! From the simple sweet BBQ sauce or Teriyaki to the lemon pepper seasoning and parmesan garlic sauce. They surely give a delicious flavor to all the dishes they have to offer
Dessert – They aren’t to be missed as well! Be sure to try the chocolate fudge cake, cheesecake bites, dessert nachos or loaded ice-cream!
Drinks – They, of course, have a variety of drinks to choose from such as sodas, energy drinks, and others.
Party – They also have special menu sizes made especially for parties or events where a lot of food is on demand.

Their story started when 2 of the founders were in Ohio and craved the New York style wings – the place they came from. So what they decided was to open their own restaurant which brings them a lot of success they didn’t expect. Now, they have around 1,000 restaurants opened all over the U.S and some of them even in other countries and continents, for example in Vietnam.

Also, no need to believe the old belief that chicken wings make you fat because the Buffalo Wild Wings is ready to let you keep it keto! For example, boneless wings have 113 net carbs in the medium size, without the sauce. However, if we add the sauces and seasonings we get more net carbs ranging from 1g to 5g. Here you can learn more about eating at Buffalo Wild Wings on Keto.

You can also purchase gift cards to someone either by email (the eGift Card) or through the traditional mailing way (simple Gift Card). The price for both cards ranges from 15$ to 50$.

The name “Wild Wings” comes from the large variety of sauces that cover all tastes. By ranking, the most popular wild condiment is the Mango Habanero. The second best ranked is the parmesan garlic sauce, followed by the Medium sauce, which is thick and dense but also with a bit of spice that can be felt through eating.

What are you waiting for anymore? Hurry up and order their delicious variety of foods, sauces, seasonings and let your taste buds discover the irresistible flavors while maintaining your keto diet!