Marigold Bars Review

I was never a fan of keto safe protein bars. They’re usually packed with coconut, erythritol or some other keto friendly compound.

But as you know by now, keto friendly does not necessarily mean tastebud friendly. One of the hardest parts of keto for me was getting rid of my protein bars. My favorite ones were RxBars, they’re so soft and chewy and healthy. But they’re packed with carbs.

What You Need to Know About RX Bars, Including How to Make Your Own | Protein bars homemade, Rxbar, Vegan protein bars
Look at that mushy deliciousness

Alas, all was lost.

But then… I was introduced to Marigold. So I asked them if I can try some…

They sent me the Very Low KETO Pack. Which is made special for us keto folks.

And wow these bars are great. They’re even shipped in a small cooled package to maintain freshness, because these things are fresh and clean.

The texture is phenomenal, and it brought back those RxBar Memories to me, they’re mushy, crunchy, and the flavors are pure fire.

These bars have all sorts of imperfections, which make them even better for me since I can tell they’re small batch.

Keep reading for a little preview of their top flavors and a coupon code!

Keto Bar Flavors

Low Sugar, Non-GMO Protein Bars & Snacks | MariGold Bars
You can tell these are made small batch


This bar has a rich chocolate flavor. Kind of like a mocha. The chocolate flavor is very strong, but the cherry coffee is an amazing touch.

This is my favorite flavor.

Chocolate Mint

The chocolate mint flavor has the perfect blend of chocolate and mint flavor. The mint isn’t too strong, but mixes really well with the chocolate.

Chocolate Squared

Rich chocolate flavor kind of like a brownie. Very slight nutty flavor from the pecans with a hint of coconut.

Chocolate Praline

This bar has a strong, creamy vanilla flavor. The pecans add a nice touch. It’s almost a white chocolate flavor.

Nutrition Information

These bars are packed with around 20 grams of protein and 20 grams of fat per bar. This makes it a great pre or post-workout snack. Use the fat to give you energy before a workout, or use the protein to build your muscle after the workout.

The best part ab out the bars is that the whey protein used is from grass-fed cows. The cows are also not given any hormones. All ingredients are non-GMO. They also never use any kind of soy protein, glycerin or other junk that’s found in many other bars.

You also get a healthy serving of fats from each bar, usually from coconut oil or healthy nuts.

Marigold Bars Are Lectin Free

Lectins can cause digestion issues and are generally considered harmful.

Marigolds bars are lectin-free.

Offer Code – 10% Off

Marigold has given KetoHQ readers 10% off!

You can get 10% off your order by using the code KETOHQ10 at checkout.

Marigold Bars vs Perfect Keto

Marigold and Perfect Keto Bars are the two most popular keto bars, so obviously we’ll compare them.

Both companies sell a dozen bars for about $40, which is $3.33 per bar.

You can get a dozen Marigold bars for $35 using our 10% off coupon. Just use the code KETOHQ10 at checkout. This puts Marigold Bars at $2.91 per bar.

Other Marigold Products

Marigold also sells a number of other keto-friendly products, such as…

Fat Bombs

Marigold sells Fudge Brownie and Lemon Coconut fat bombs.


The company also sells a number of nuts, like pecans, almonds and cashews.

The almonds come in a smoky chipotle flavor.

Where to Buy Marigold Protein Bars

The best way to buy Marigold bars is directly from the company.

This ensures you get fresh bars, directly from the company.

The company has a map of all physical retail locations, but there aren’t many options.

Can you Buy Marigold Bars at HEB?

Yes, Marigold Bars are available at 5 Houston area HEBs. They include the following stores:

  • The Woodlands Market Street
  • Cypress, Vintage Park
  • Montrose
  • Bunker Hill
  • Grand Parkway

They can be found in the refrigerated section of the healthy foods isle.

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Who Started Marigold Bars?

It was founded by a couple in Willis, Texas. They started small, and then grew their bar operation by raising money through a Kickstarter.

They are now some of the most popular protein bars on the market.

I mean, check out the manufacturing process.

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These bars taste like your mom made them for you.

They taste fresh, and don’t taste like the factory made bars you usually find at the store.

After I let my friends taste the bars Marigold sent me, they both made orders for some bars. That’s how good they are!

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