McDonald’s and Different Diet Plans

by Sean
McDonald’s and Different Diet Plans

There are so many types of modern day diet plans. One can choose according to their need. Once a diet plan is chosen, one must stick to it until results are seen and then continue it. When we choose a diet plan, we must know which ingredients are needed to make it perfect for us. It is mostly better to cook at home so that you may know the things you are using to cook your food. If someone wants to dine out, he will have to check the details of ingredients in order to choose their food. Here we have given a few types of diet plans and how you can choose your food at McDonald’s according to your diet plan.

Atkins diet:

This is a type of diet plan in which you will have to use the food items with a low amount of sugar so that your insulin level will not go really high. This type of food plan will not let the body store the food in the form of fats so you can get lean muscle mass. Atkins diet plan tells us to eat more and more proteins as insulin level is not affected by the proteins. When choosing from McDonald’s menu, we must look for the burgers without the buns, scrambled eggs without the muffins, and unsweetened beverages. One can use the information source details available to select the items with high proteins and low carbohydrate. The special instructions should be given to McDonald’s staff to reduce the level of oil after finished frying by keeping the fried parts for long on the sieve.

Weight gain diets:

If someone is looking to gain the weight then the McDonald’s is really a good option. One must choose the items from the menu which has a mix of all type of ingredients. This type of diet is sometimes called the zone diet as this will have all three type of ingredients. Fats, carbohydrates and proteins must be present in the food. In this case, you can eat anything as long as you are sure that all ingredients are in there. If you will order the burger, you have to get it with buns or even the nuggets must be accompanied by the bun. You can also take the McDonald’s sweetened beverages.

Keto diet:

This is another type of weight loss diet which involves the restricted use of carbohydrates but increasing use of the fat content of the food. This diet plan is like the Atkins diet plan but there is one difference, that the Atkins diet plan uses the high level of proteins but the keto diet uses the high level of fats. One can order bunless burgers same as Atkins diet but the fat contents should be high and some salad dressing can be used. The high-fat content in burger can be achieved with cheese. It is better to order double cheeseburgers without buns at McDonald’s. There is only one caution that some salad dressings have carbohydrate in them especially which are sweetened. Use the oil-based salad dressings. Mayonnaise is really a good option as it is fully fat based. Click the following link to find more info on finding keto McDonald’s options.