Keto Pizza Sauce
This is a very simple keto pizza sauce. You can throw it together in about three minutes. These are all very affordable items so the cost of the entire pizza sauce is around $2.00.
Cook Time
3 Minutes
Cook Time
3 Minutes
  1. Empty the can of tomato paste into a small bowl.
  2. Add the water and mix it up until the consistency is more like a sauce. You can add a little more to get it to the consistency you perfer if necessary.
  3. Mix in the herbs and spices and whisk them all together.
  4. You are ready to rock!
Recipe Notes

Making your own pizza sauce wasn’t so hard, was it? Well, maybe that’s something you’d rather not do. There are some store-bought pizza sauce options out there that works well with the keto diet.

You can get a very good store bought pizza sauce here. (This is an affiliate link and we will be paid a small commission if you use it.)

Well now you know how to make the fathead dough. Now you have a pizza sauce option. What are you waiting for? Load that bad boy up with fresh cheese and toppings and get it in the oven!