Taco Bell Specialty Items

by Sean
Taco Bell Specialty Items

When many people think of Taco Bell, they think of the basic stuff like tacos, buritos, chalupas, etc. Over the years there have been some Taco Bell specialty items. Let’s take a look at them.

Nacho Fries

The Nacho Fries became a big hit during 2018. One of the mysteries of this item is there is no deep fryer in Taco Bell. Without a deep fryer, how do they make delicious fries? Sometimes it’s best to leave the cooking up to the kitchen. Do yourself and the next time you see these are available, make sure to grab yourself some. They come with a side of nacho cheese and are awesome!

taco bell specialty items

AM Crunch Wrap

This was the first item that drew my interest toward Taco Bell. I passed one every day on my way to and from work. I never stopped and got anything from Taco Bell. Then I saw the commercial for the AM Crunch Wrap and decided it was time to dip my toes into the water of Taco Bell. I stopped and grabbed me a Steak AM Crunch Wrap combo. It came with a cup of coffee that wasn’t very good and also came with the Cinnamon Delight two-pack. Don’t worry about the coffee. You can drink it and it will give you some energy. But the Steak AM Crunch Wrap and Cinnamon Delight two-pack were amazing. You know what made it even more amazing? Very easy to eat on the way to work during rush hour traffic. You get your eggs, steak, hash brown, salsa all wrapped up in one easy-to-handle wrap. Trust me, you need to try this out if you haven’t yet.

Power Menu Bowl

If you are not looking for the regular options at Taco Bell, then the Power Menu Bowl is a great option. By regular options I mean tacos, burritos, chalupas and the like. The power menu bowl basically let’s you put all of the items in the tacos into a bowl, along with rice and beans. So if that sounds like a better option to you, then this is a great thing to look into.

Another perk of the Power Menu Bowl is you can actually make it into a good Taco Bell keto option. You can simply order the bowl with extra meat, extra guacamole and make sure to get no rice and no beans. This gives you an unfathomable low carb menu choice at Taco Bell.

Learn more about eating keto options at Taco Bell at this website.

Doritos Los Tacos

doritos los tacos

These are simply tacos where the shells are made out of Doritos. It can be either nacho cheese or cool ranch flavored Doritos. Due to the fanatic fans of Doritos, these became a hit instantly. Definitely worth trying out for the Doritos fans.

What’s Your Favorite Taco Bell Specialty Item?

Sure we didn’t get all of them, but we listed some of our favorites. Which one did we miss out on? What’s your favorite out of the norm Taco Bell item? We’d love to hear about it.

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