Tips on Placing Your Low Carb Order at Jimmy John’s

by Sean
Tips on Placing Your Low Carb Order at Jimmy John’s

If you are on a low carb diet and have been looking for a great place to go out to relax and eat, then this is for you. Also, if you just want to order a low carb meal at a restaurant, why not try a Keto Jimmy John’s shop. If you’ve never heard of it, then this article is for you. Jimmy John has a sandwich and sub shop where you can sit to inside the restaurant or place an order to be delivered at home. Besides their fast delivery, another thing that makes Jimmy John’s shop so great is the variety of meals you can choose from. They are known for the fresh oven baked bread, the big Italian amongst others.

They also have a place for your keto diet options which makes it even better. If you don’t have time to prepare keto diet meals at home, at least you know you have the option of Keto Jimmy John’s meals. One thing you would love at Jimmy John’s is the absence of artificial, especially in their meats. Find more info on keto at Jimmy John’s at this website.

For your keto option, you can choose to order their ”Unwich” which is a special sandwich that is wrapped in lettuce. Unwich is great because you’re substituting bread with lettuce instead. Your meat and cheese are all wrapped up with the lettuce. By the time you add some cucumber, onions, and tomatoes, that would be a great low carb taco bell.

Here’s how to place your low carb order at Jimmy John’s:

Jimmy John’s shop was amongst the first restaurants to start a fast sandwich delivery to people’s homes and offices. The restaurant was always busy when it first started out because everyone just wanted to sit out and eat. Even now it hasn’t changed a bit. The ordering process is like the subway, you can see how your sandwich is prepared and know when it’s ready. They have the fastest food delivery service.

Choose a Fatty Meal

Jimmy John uses very good meat compared to other restaurants. Their meats don’t have any artificial flavors. They only rub in caramel color to their roast beef. They also add regular sugar to their bacon as with most deli restaurants. If you plan on following a more strict ketogenic diet, then you need to place an order for fatty meats.

Order an Unwich

People on low carb diet need to ditch the bread and that’s why the unwich is a wise option. You can have it with some veggies.

Know your Sauce

If you’re ordering low carb, you may need to use Jimmy John’s oil and vinegar or their yellow mustard. Their mayonnaise has sugar and canola oil which isn’t a good idea for a keto diet. You can also try their Dijon mustard too. Low carb meals don’t need dressing but you can choose to add more bacon and cheese for flavor.


When next your thinking of eating out and you are on a low carb diet. Not many restaurants consider low carb diets but now you know you can always order Keto Jimmy John’s unwich meal without worrying about carbs.